Is this the most popular father online? Meet hilarious Simon @father_of_daughters who will make you feel better about your own parenting problems.

You can’t move on social media for being bombarded with pictures of little ones. Many posts are smug, some hideous while others are hilarious and addictive. Our favourite Instagram dad is @Father_of_Daughters (Simon Hooper) who has over 667k followers (his following has grown from 100k in October, 2016). Simon lives in London with his four daughters - Anya, Marnie, Ottilie and Delilah. Outnumbered by girls at home, Simon’s pictures are funny, tearjerking and honest. He tells The Good Web Guide his five top Insta-families to follow.


The Sharp Crew are an amazing family in the US that have 18 kids. They have adopted many children, including three with dwarfism, as well as having their own children. They are a real inspiration and an amazing example of how big people's hearts can be.


This family jacked it all in and decided to take a year off to travel around the world with their little ones. They really are an inspiration and give everyone hope that travelling with kids is totally possible and should be encouraged to broaden their lives (and yours).


This guy is all about making really cool educational things with his two little boys. Think art attack, but with an educational twist. It is well worth a follow.


Well I couldn't put her at No.1 could I?! Clemmie (my wife) shows the other half of our journey through parenthood and life from the female perspective. She's also a looker who dresses very well. I'm lucky to have her.


Anna Whitehouse is the vlogger from motherpukka. Essentially she is reassuring people that it's ok to make it up as you go along.

Updated June 2017