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IKEA has always led the way we live in our homes and #IKEAtemporary is adding to its voice; a temporary space at World Expo in Milan. IKEA is asking us to imagine how we will be cooking in twenty years time. What sort of kitchens will we have?

The 2025 Concept kitchen created by students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology explored how technology can keep us cooking in our kitchens, with the likes of self-refrigerating containers and interactive worktops that will give you recipe ideas based on the food you place on it.

IKEA hacks have been a concept that has grown and grown, garnering their own websites, as customers modify and customise IKEA products to suit their needs. IKEA HACKA is a kitchen that reflects this growing trend. The simple outdoor kitchen makes it possible to combine IKEA products with other things you have at home (or even things you've created yourself) to create a kitchen that's totally unique.


IKEA wants to find out more about you and your home. As Marcus Engman, Design manager, IKEA of Sweden, says, "Even more brainpower can only be a good thing. We want your thoughts, opinions and feedback on what we could improve. We believe it’s much better when you tell us how you want to live – and not the other way around. You could say that IKEA has the ingredients – but you have the recipes."

Over the next six months, there is a packed schedule of events, workshops, talks and cook alongs, all geared around how our lives are interwoven around the kitchen. If you can’t get to Milan, there is no need to feel you’re missing out. Lots will be happening on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, not the forgetting website, So keep in tune.

5 June 2015