Just remind yourself, it's a meal, not a competition.

IKEA is at the forefront of getting us to make homes better, a world away from our connected lives, where we face a daily onslaught of perfection. With its new film, Let's Relax, IKEA re-imagines this scenario in pre-revolutionary France and how it would play out. Your life might not be Insta perfect but enjoying family life comes way above getting likes for your chocolate pudding on social media. The company wants to start a conversation about finding the time to relax and reconnect with the joys of cooking, eating and most importantly enjoying each other's company in real time.

Every year, IKEA commissions a report, Life At Home, asking what people want from their homes... and these are the findings of what's stressing them out.

EXPECTATION 1 - Spend quality time with family and friends. The reality is that people find it hard to find the time to do this, so why not make the effort and cook a meal to share with family and friends.

EXPECTATION 2 - Social media should unite and inspire. The reality is that it can set impossible standards and make us feel inadequate. Forget all that nonsense and be proud of what you've got, enjoy your home, family and friends.

EXPECTATION 3 - People's homes should be spacious and inviting. Unfortunately, most of us feel that our homes are too cramped and untidy. However small your kitchen or living room is, it's full of potential. Be organised and use space cleverly.

EXPECTATION 4 - We should make better, more sustainable choices when it comes to food. Worried about wasting food, not eating organically? Well, why not make a change and give the See Food Diet a go. This is where the food you see is the food you eat, which cuts down on overbuying and waste too.

August 2016