Food & Drink


An Ocado-style delivery service with a groovy local twist.

Why have we only just discovered Hubbub? The brilliant brain-child of ex-city barrister (read: very bright spark), Marisa Leaf, Hubbub delivers quality food from local butchers, bakers, fishmongers and other food independents direct to your door at a time that suits you.

Combining all the provenance, variety and service offered by trusted local food shops with all the convenience of a supermarket, Hubbub is a wonderful idea that has grown since 2008 (we really are behind the times) from a small one-man-band business based Islington to one that now has ten vans and operates in most areas of London.

There’s a pretty crack team on board these days with tech heavyweights... William Reeve (founder of LoveFilm) and Nicole Vanderbilt (VP of International at Etsy) on board to help ensure it success - and the website is super slick, clear and easy to use too.

Simply log in, create an account and start shopping at one of 100+ local London shops, browsing by shop or by product to find meat, eggs, cheese, macaroons and all sorts of other delights from quality independent retailers based not far from you. The prices are the same as they are in store, there’s no minimum spend and (just like Ocado) there are one-hour delivery slots, so you can book delivery of your order within a very precise time frame.

For anyone who works long hours or has busy family-lives that don’t allow for relaxed day-time strolls around the small shops of their neighbourhood (oh, if only), this is quite simply a godsend. Sign us up.

April 2016