We find out how visualplanet, manufacturers of touch sensor products, work alongside FeDex.

visualplanet is one of those cutting edge companies leading the technology in touch sensor products. Based in Cambridge, visualplanet, a past winner of Best Exporter in the GREAT Faces of British Business 2015, manufactures thin film which is embedded with wires through which electronic devices are attached. Yes, the future is here with these diverse interactive solutions.

The company ships 98% of its products to 85 countries across the world and given the delicate nature of the product, handling and delivery is key. visualplanet found the ideal partner in FeDex who offer a bespoke service enabling the company to ship multiple touchfoils, regardless of the size of product, to virtually anywhere in the world.

In the video below, find out how FeDex works with visualplanet.

visualplanet is able to rely on FeDex's expertise in shipping globally. Mike Cole, director, commented “As our business grows – and becomes increasingly globalised – we need to work with a logistics provider that understands the challenges and opportunities that come with this expansion. We are looking forward to working with FedEx to deliver our growth plans and to create a world of touch.”

January 2017

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