The next generation touchscreen user interface...

You know those sci-fi films set in the suave, intelligent future - where people are beamed from place to place, where holograms abound - and highly advanced computers, replete with touch screen digital interfaces layer documents one atop the other? Completely the stuff of writers' imaginations, right? Or perhaps not because dizmo (the paradigm shifting application) is an invention that's just been launched via the Kickstarter platform by founder, CEO & CTO Matthias Aebi, a man with over thirty years of experience in the field of software development. He is joined on the project by COO & Head of Development, Eckart Burgwedel, CMO, Luigi Mantellassi, and CCO, Michel Zai.

dizmo lets you interact with not just one specific screen designed for its purpose, but any advanced display or digital surface. The innovative application also allows you to interact with a wide range of digital content - from pictures and videos to documents, schedules and even applications.

It doesn't stop there, you can even create your own dizmos - the company's 'dizmonks' as their disciples are called, have created a few themselves by using the original software as a basis and building on that. For example there's a Phillips Hue control dizmo that, once docked with a colour slider dizmo, lets you control a Hue light manually. Then there's the Koubachi plant monitoring dizmo that you also dock to the Hue controller. Whenever your plants need watering, the Hue controller will let you know - and that invention was completed in twelve short hours.

Which goes to show how easy it is to come up with a dismount; Aebi said: "While hardware performance continues to grow, today's software feel inadequate in comparison. The traditional use of icons on a desktop screen was invented in the 70s, and we want to create something that brings digital content into 2014 in a natural and intuitive way."

With four productive years in the making, dizmo is now a polished product, ripe and ready for launch onto the Kickstarter platform. At the time of writing it had been online for less than 48 hours and had accrued $6,000 of investment pledged by over 100 eager backers. Give $5 and you'll get to control the dizmo-robot (located in the dizmo offices). The early bird special requires a pledge of $25 or more, but you'll receive the first release of dizmos, as well as the dizmo space, the SDK (create your own dizmos) and free upgrades for 5 years.

It looks like dizmo is well on its way to its target funding ($25,000) - but it's not the only success story the site has had. Last year, actor and director Zach Braff raised over $3m in a bid to film and release a sequel to his screen-writing debut, Garden State. In 2012, 10% of all the films at Sundance were funded through Kickstarter (and four of them went on to win top prizes). Two Kickstarter-backed films have even earned Oscar nominations. But it's not just films, of course - Pebble (the 'e-paper watch for iPhone and Android', a customisable watch that lets you download new watchfaces, use fitness apps, and even receive notifications from your phone) is another Kickstarter success story.

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February 2014