Parents are shunning the toddler market for adult-sized beds and wardrobes that will still be in use for generations to come.

Children’s furniture never used to be considered a savvy investment... But in this current era of cautious spending, many parents are shunning the toddler market for adult-sized beds and wardrobes that will still be in use for generations to come.

The theory is, you spend now to save later with quality being the key. A double bed isn’t out of the question either - if you’ve got the space that is. As the one room in the house that will probably get more makeovers than any other, your child’s room is likely to make the largest dent in your pocket. But if there are only soft furnishings and accessories to replace with every passing whim, it might not seem so costly.

The question is, can you really save in the future by spending more now. According to Louise Thomas, owner of luxury children’s furniture company, Little Lucy Willow, the answer is yes. “We have seen a definite shift in customers moving away from furniture that is just for small children. I think people now want more for their money so are looking for a bed or a wardrobe that will last their three year-old right through to their teenage years and beyond."

“We still get a lot of orders for customised, smaller beds, but mostly I find that parents want to buy key pieces of furniture that will form a backdrop to the numerous transformations their child’s room will most certainly see. What’s more, I find that many people like to double up their children’s rooms as guest rooms so when they shop for furniture they are looking for something that will satisfy both needs. Our Archie Fairweather Collection is a perfect example.”

It isn’t just luxury retailers like Little Lucy Willow who have noticed a change in the market, as leading interior designers such as Lisa Keates have detected a significant shift too. The founder of Keates Interiors of Cheshire, says, “I think people are generally going for bigger beds at present. Super king size beds are becoming the norm for parents and increasingly clients are requesting emperor size beds too. I think this is just translating down to larger beds for their children. I see a lot of children sleeping in double beds now.”

Opting for a toddler-sized bed when the cotbed is defunct is tempting. They are undeniably cute and more importantly, kinder on your bank balance than other options. But will you get your money’s worth or will it be one more thing to shoehorn into the garage in a few short year’s time? May be it is about the money, or it could just be that we are all buying into the common theory that 'bigger is better.'

Louise Thomas seems to think it’s both.“We are all striving for the very best in life more than ever before, but we want value for money too. The price has to match the product. Also, we want to make a statement with our homes and what we choose to put in them. Simplicity is the key when designig luxury children’s furniture because it has to transcend fashion I suppose. Whether the room is heavily accessorized or stripped back to basics it will always look amazing.”

January 2016