Building A Brand With Instagram

Create a narrative that can strengthen your brand, and make you more relatable to followers.

Whether you're a global conglomerate, small business, or local blogger, it has now become imperative to adopt and integrate social media as part of your marketing strategy, no matter how large or small. As a result, serious consideration should be given to your social media goals and aims. The internet is a vast landscape with many social media platforms to choose from. But how do you decide which, or all of them, to utilise?

While Facebook and Twitter are definitely the top dogs in terms of its size and user base, it's not just about the number of people you can reach. Although this is a part of it, but there are other factors involved, such as brand and narrative. In fact, this detailed breakdown of all the major social media platforms explains how each one is beneficial for online marketing. By curating your social media to showcase and celebrate the content that best represents your company or brand, you're broadcasting your values and identity to a very specific customer pool who shares similar standpoints. This allows you to tailor your social media for a very specific client base.

Above that, it also allows you to create a narrative that can strengthen your brand, and also make you more relatable to your followers, whether it be a fascination with dogs, or a journey into the ordinary citizens of a city. Below you'll find a number of Instagram accounts that seamlessly merge brand and narrative to deliver a story that consumers and followers care about.


Actor, director, writer and poet, James Franco has managed to garner over six million followers. It's easy to see why. His Instagram offers a side to the actor you would never see in his films with, rather, his posts showcase his thoughts, the softer side of his nature, the essence of his life and projects, while interspersing such with promos for his latest work.


The iconic National Geographic magazine doesn't need much introduction, but what is worth mentioning is their unfailing ability to tell a story with images. Whether it be about a foreign conflict, the migratory habits of a certain species of bird, or a food market downtown, NatGeo's photographers seem to have a knack for capturing fleeting and visceral moments. Thus the transition to Instagram seemed natural, allowing them to share their stories to a much greater audience whilst still maintaining and nurturing the content and stories they hold dear.


Grace Bonney runs Design Sponge, a website and blog all about interior design, DIY, food, travel, business and life. Having written for various other publications, Bonney utilises this experience to publish three to five updates a day about interior design and other facets. Likewise, her Instagram feed is uniquely catered to bring forth these snapshots of the interior lives of others for our viewing. This can be anything from artwork, to a unique accenting piece of furniture in someone's living room, to the simple pleasure of watching someone make a meal. Her account is a refined one, and shows the beauty and grace apparent in everyday life.

September 2016