Brutally Honest Instagrammers

Instagram can be bad news for your self-esteem, these honest feeds should make you feel better.

Instagram can be bad news for your self-esteem. Got FOMO? Selfie-loathing? Crave more ‘likes’? Instagram pictures can make you believe other’s lives are more exciting and fulfilling than your own. Social media is not real life. We know that; it’s even a hashtag (#SocialMediaIsNotRealLife). It can be toxic. Before your self-worth takes a tumble, take a peek at four brutally honest feeds.


There is nothing glossy or staged in the popular account Women in Real Life (@womenirl) that has amassed 126k followers. Female instagrammers upload frank and unfiltered pictures of their everyday lives with the hashtag #WomenIRL, It is then up to editors from to regram their favourites. Posts show the kind of problems you rarely see on social media. This is real content, showing vulnerabilities you don’t want to boast about. It’s also funny.


Full credit to TV presenter and author Cherry Healey who makes a living being honest, heartfelt and funny simultaneously. A recent post on Instagram reminded us why we love the presenter who has tackled documentaries about body image, parenting and losing your virginity. She posted a holiday selfie with the following comment, ‘Frozen margarita, paradise island, jade water, white sand. You'd never know that I'd spent the morning feeling anxious and sad at a family situation and then had a weird stupid argument with the fella. But gosh doesn't it look like I'm livin’ the dream. That's Instagram folks. Just sayin’ #blessed.’


Parenting blogger Ilana Wiles has accrued over 300k followers with her brutal Instagram account that charters her very honest highs and lows of parenting. She finds the funny side in tantrums, mess and sulking children. ‘I hope other parents will relate to the photos, feel like they are in good company and see the amusement in our daily struggles," Ilana told The Huffington Post. "I am always aiming to make the struggles of raising children entertaining. Parents need it!"


Don’t expect lovey dovey shots from @byefelipe. This is the Instagram account, with 433k followers, that encourages disgruntled women to bond over their shared online dating experiences, some rude, some ridiculous. It is ‘calling out dudes who turn hostile when rejected or ignored.’ Alexandra Tweten from Los Angeles founded the account to reveal the obscene and offensive messages her and friends were receiving from men met online. Nothing flawless here.

January 2017