Lydia Vladimirskaya talks about the journal that tells stories and shapes ideas.

We interviewed Lydia Vladimirskaya in May 2014, as she launched her luxury magazine, BRIC. In our Brains Behind The Brand interview feature, Lydia told us how the eponymous magazine would redefine the cultural stereotypes associated with the BRIC nations, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Fast forward two years and BRIC Magazine has unveiled a new distinctive brand mark to its logo, with the + symbol signifying growth and transformation.


This quarterly current affairs journal provides advertisers exclusive access to VIP locations, government offices and first and business class airport lounges, heliports and private jet terminals in Dubai Monaco, Switzerland and the UK.
The biggest features are divided into three main sections; Global Success, International Influence and Ones to Watch. Ever since its inception, international stars such as football legend Pele, renowned author Elif Safak, music mogul Emin Agalarov, Gazprom’s Alexey Miller and Chinese billionaire Yida Zhang have all given rare interviews with BRIC in the past. However, it is the future of BRIC+ which is exciting the new world.


The subtle branding change signifies the magazine's expansion as it continues to tell the stories and through its unique and exclusive content, shape ideas for the future. The change is also incorporated in to the world news-driven website, which becomes

The rebranding is an inspired move by the founder, entrepreneur Lydia Vladimirskaya, who explains the strategy, "When I launched BRIC more than two years ago, my vision was to give a platform to the people, the politics and the policies of countries which were redefining the New World.

"Brazil, Russia, India and China were the top of the list, but we now see that the international arena has grown and we now have to respond. The Middle East, Asia and Africa continue to play a huge part in global current affairs and are exerting more influence in a positive fashion.

"In London as a base, we are fortunate to be in one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world so have a unique vantage point. We are closely connected with all of the other leading cities and we will be extending ourselves with offices in Monaco, Dubai and New York this year as we look to grow our readership and global reach."


Lydia continues, "Our target audience is what we coin The New World Citizen. This means that we focus on the societies and cultures which are seldom explored and explained. Pressing issues in business, science, arts and innovation in these regions are told as engaging stories through interviews with some of the world’s most prominent global influencers. The articles provoke debate by creating powerful and often divisive opinions."

The move has been backed by industry experts, with former Saatchi and Saatchi director and marketing expert, Chris Arnold commenting, "It’s a clever move. BRIC becoming BRIC+ has, with one simple symbol, entered new markets and broadened its horizons for content, readership and advertising revenue. The so called MINT countries and others will no doubt be queuing up to feature in this stylish magazine."

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May 2016