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May 2013: We All Scream

Visit 'We All Scream' for original ice-cream recipes and charming illustrations.

May marks the start of ice-cream season, when – come rain or shine – we can truly enjoy the cold, creamy delights of a cone, a cup or a big old bowl of this delightfully summery snack. But nothing beats the joys of homemade ice-cream, churned by hand or using an ice-cream machine, when you can choose your own flavours and get truly creative. But where to go for a little inspiration?


There are quite a few ice-cream focused blogs out there, but the best one we’ve found is We All Scream, an eye-catching blog by artist/animator Lili Chin, who gives a twist to her original ice-cream recipes with her own graphic illustrations.


Lili Chin adds new recipes every week (she must eat a lot of ice-cream), which she files in her recipe section under one of several categories, including Tropical (think Grapefruit-Hibiscus), Garden (think Cardamom-Rhubarb), Latin (Tamarind), Asian (Black Sesame), European (Earl Grey Tea with Blackcurrents) and many more. 


Making your own ice-cream is a licence to be inventive and Lili Chin doesn’t hold back, offering fruity, boozy, baked and nutty options alongside more wacky flavours such as Grilled Potato or Olive Oil and Balsamic Chocolate Sauce ice-cream. While there are no photographs of any of the finished ice-creams, Lili Chin's quirky illustrations more than make up for this, offering the reader a refreshing source of ice-cream inspiration come the hot weather.

Emily Jenkinson

May 2013