Amanda Darley of home accessories company, Adventino, shares some favourite apps.

Amanda Darley runs home accessories business, Adventino. Her carefully chosen collection of exquisite objects, expresses her idea that beautiful and irresistible things can also be affordable. Ranging from gorgeous jewel coloured glass and stunning tableware, to elegant mirrors, luxuriously silky cushions and all the trappings for a well dressed home, finding that special gift will be easy enough, but giving it away may be hard to do.

toptable – Who doesn’t love eating out but, when I am away on buying trips, it is a necessity and this app has become a lifesaver. After a long day hunting out new products, often in an area I don’t know, toptable helps me find the right restaurant at a moment's notice. I also really appreciate the deals they have too.

English Interiors – We have a showroom at Bell House Farm, which constantly needs to be restyled to feature new products or freshen up our seasonal looks. Under pressure, inspiration can sometimes dry up and this app is an easy way to inject new ideas or appreciate a room in a different way.

Skype – My only sister lives in Colarado, and we both have hectic family and business lives meaning we can only travel and meet up once a year. Skype has become the next best thing to being in the room with her. Actually seeing each other as we chat and being able to watch the changes in our children is so important in shrinking the miles away.

Tripit – I discovered this app earlier in the year when planning a holiday to the States which had a complicated schedule. It took so much of the headache out of booking internal flights, hotel reservations and the hire car because I forwarded any confirmation emails to plans@tripit and they were somehow magically collated and put together in my own easy to read itinerary. Most usefully because, everything was in one place on my phone, I could share it with the friends and family I was visiting.

Veranda Magazine – I love the truly elegant yet eclectic nature of everything featured in this interiors magazine, and the host of international designers featured. It is easy to loose an hour or so amongst these beautiful interiors, places and people.

Interior Design for iPad - I have only recently come across this app and started playing with it as a useful tool for space planning. Redesigning and redecorating rooms is made simple with easy to use floor plans that move from 2D to 3D, a really helpful way to think around awkward structures or plan where space is tight such as in bathrooms.

Minecraft - My children are utterly addicted to this app, along with most children I know. It is just so cleverly constructed that, though I get frustrated when I can’t stop them playing on it, I am at least able to reassure myself that they are being brilliant and creative in building new worlds from scratch!

November 2013