Feeling adventurous? Follow these intrepid instagrammers for your daily dose of adrenaline.

The spirit of adventure is alive and well, and available for armchair explorers to enjoy at the click of a button. Follow these intrepid instagrammers and perhaps you will be inspired to step out into the wide and beautiful world yourself and have your own glorious adventures…


The Instagram account that will make you want to go on an American road trip right NOW. Descriptive of everything that the remarkable US has to offer, Foster Huntington’s feed features vast and empty panoramic landscapes - canyons, deserts, open roads, mountains and ghostly pine forests. We see him camping by lakes, cliffs, beaches and sleeping in hammocks, wooden treehouses and often in his trusty campervan. Every weather imaginable is experienced and documented and the result is utterly beautiful... Not to mention enviable.


This girl has serious chutzpah, as well as a deep-rooted respect for the well-being of our world. Not afraid to scale mountains, swim in freezing cold lakes or navigate arctic temperatures, Taylor is an excellent poster girl for risk-taking lady power. Oh, and she’s not bad looking, either. Check out her travelling companions @baloointhewild (dog) and @renan_ozturk (boyfriend) as well - this Instagramming trio are perfect role models for any budding adventurers.


The inventor of the ‘microadventure’, Al Humphreys mission is to remind us that just walking out of the front door and heading in a different direction can be an adventure; a simple challenge to our everyday norms can provide the same level of exhilaration. Try camping out on a hilltop for a night, or swimming wild in the UK - you don’t have to go to the extremes of Summiting Everest or trekking to the North Pole. Unless you want to, of course.


It is possible to enjoy adventurous travel with kids, as this Cumbrian family will show you. Stuart and Kirstie are not afraid to explore the world with their three young ones in tow, whether close to home or further afield. Skiing, biking, canoeing, eco-touring, caravanning, railroading, hiking - they have done it all together as a family.


Martin Hartley is an adventurer and photographer whose photographs perfectly capture the extremes of our planet, and the extremes to which a human being can push themselves. His tone is macho, strong and often iconic, describing the loneliness, determination and extraordinary self belief that is required to take on some of the Earth’s greatest challenges.

May 2016