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The Good Web Guide is your online guide of favourite sites, apps and Instagrammers, all handpicked by guest editors and its expert team. The site and newsletters are an authority on website reviews, crowdfunders and people with remarkable online jobs. The popular guest edits are a weekly feature where a high profile individual shares their online picks. The respected annual Website of the Year Awards celebrates exceptional startups and established internet heroes. Consider The Good Web Guide as a thinking man’s Google.


Arabella Dymoke, Managing Director - Arabella has been part of The GWG since it began in 2000, taking over as Managing Director in 2008. Her life revolves around the internet and she loves finding new sites and ways to make busy lives run smoother online.

Annabel Jack, Editor - Annabel joined the team in September 2016. Prior to editing The GWG, Annabel was a weekly Design Columnist for The Independent, Editor of mydeco.com, and wrote for ES Magazine, Harrods Magazine, The Independent and Brides. She lives in Hampshire juggling her three young children with work deadlines and lots of coffee.

Teri Barton, Account Manager - Teri has been part of The GWG team since 2008, liaising with members, sourcing fabulous prizes for competitions.

Alice Kahrmann, Contributing Editor - Alice joined The GWG as Editor in 2012, stepping down in 2016 to concentrate on writing. She introduced the popular Brains Behind A Brand interview series, which she still writes.

Emily Jenkinson, Contributing Editor - Part of The GWG team since 2008, Emily now oversees the food channel.


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Kelly Eastwood, The London Chatter: 'I love your site and really enjoy reading the interviews.'

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Annabella Ward, School Notices: 'Since it’s relaunch, The GWG has become an unbeatable one stop shop for everything from shopping and fashion inspiration to unbiased site reviews and informative interviews with all the hottest names.'

Lucinda Robins, The London Mummy: 'One of the highlights of my online week is when I receive the new GWG newsletter. The new look website is so clearly laid out, packed with numerous articles I want to read and is on the money with contemporary people, issueS and products. Love it!'

Charlotte Lawson Johnston, CLJ Home: 'You have created a brilliant platform, not only for those well underway but it's amazing for small fry like me who are trying to get more exposure.'

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The Good Web Guide includes thousands of websites reviews. Many are new and some have been on our database for many years. We are constantly on the lookout for quality sites that offer either original products or services. We are approached by about 100 retail sites every week and reject the majority. Each site submitted is scrutinised by the editorial team and we are highly selective.

If you would like your site to be considered for review, then please email us at: recommend@thegoodwebguide.co.uk or follow the link on the homepage. Please note that we do not accept every site that applies to join.

Criteria for inclusion are:

- For retail or companies that provide services, we are looking for either products that are original, or where services are concerned, these must be executed to a high standard, all of which must be well presented and conveyed online. A high level of customer service is key to our discerning visitors.
- The site must be clear in its offering and easy to navigate.
- Telephone contact details as well as email contact details must be included.

If you have any queries about this please feel free to email us (see below).

If you are interested in advertising on our site please get in touch with Arabella Dymoke, customerservices@thegoodwebguide.co.uk

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