Piccolo Press

'British Printers of Distinction' is the tagline at this bespoke stationers.

At Piccolo, ‘British Printers of Distinction’ is the tagline and it couldn’t be more apt, because this a company defined by a serious commitment to producing the finest stationery products on the market, with a decidedly unique flair.


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Wedding stationery, personalised stationery, invitations, book plates, change of address cards, children’s collections, bookplates, whatever you need whether it’s for corporate or personal use then this is the place to find it. But don’t be fooled, just because the range may present like a cornucopia of stationery, a veritable hotel buffet of Smythsonesque delight (the kind that makes you want to slink right into the stationery cupboard quite frankly) – this is one site where the ethos is all about quality.


Piccolo is now under new ownership, and as a ‘design and marketing led stationers’, this means one thing and one thing only, an even higher commitment (as if that were possible) to bridging Piccolo's more traditional market with more contemporary offerings. You’ll see them in abundance – the kind of chic, elegant yet highly sought after modern typefaces and fonts endemic of the new design led trends of the moment, married with the traditional stationery that screams excellence from the rafters. Further all products are crafted in the UK, giving the company a decidedly British feel.


Is all done in house, and this lack of outsourcing aids and abets the exceptionally high standards, not to mention keeping costs down, all the while maintaining a much-lauded reputation for Piccolo's unrivalled printing skills.


If it’s eye-catching personal stationery for young professionals, ornate diplomatic invitations or even classic military correspondence you’re after then Piccolo is a company that comes highly recommended. It’s the stationery equivalent of an Aston Martin or 1950s Morgan, beautifully crafted and highly sought after.

April 2014