Little Soap Company

Take time to consider the chemicals and synthetics that are used to make soap and you'll soon come to the conclusion that organic is the best way forward. Enter into the fray, Emma Heathcote-James, founder of the Little Soap Company, and her very pure organic soap. Emma's aim was to create a natural, organic, and sustainable soap which she could sell locally. Then she had bigger ambitions. It had always bothered Emma why the supermarkets didn't offer more choice, in fact in some cases any choice of pure, natural and organic soap on their shelves.


From hand-making soap on the kitchen table and selling in subzero temperatures at farmers markets, the company started to meet its aim, as within six months it was lining the shelves of eight local Waitrose stores in 2009 and the company deemed one of Waitrose ‘local heroes'. Little Soap Company then launched regional into forty-five Tesco stores and nationally in to all Waitrose stores in 2013 with bar soap (its best beauty launch and fastest selling bar soap and indeed first organic soap to hit the shelves).

The range has grown to the current exclusive nine lines of organic bars, liquid hand soap, foaming body wash and bubble bath which launched last year. From here the soaps have rolled out nationally across Boots, Booths and Sainsburys.


This is the first English soap bar and liquid to hit supermarket shelves which is pure organic, fragranced only with essential oils and most importantly, is affordable.


If you're interested in making your own soap, the ‘make your own' kits are a good place to start, where you'll receive everything you need to get started. You can even create organic lip balm.


Emma runs a number of courses giving you the chance to learn the trade, whether you want to do it for fun or to build a business. Courses include an Introduction to Cold Processed Soap Making, an Introduction to Natural Creams and Balms, along with a course on Natural Perfumery. You can read details of courses online or download a PDF to browse at leisure.

There is much to commend the products at Little Soap Company and with its string of awards, we are not the only people taking note.

June 2016