Heritage Stationery

From laser cut stationery to bespoke birth announcement cards, Heritage Stationery is your destination domain.

It would be no overstatement to say that there is nothing we love more here at The GWG than personalised stationery. Just let us choose the colour, the font, the grain of the paper, no surprise that we got a little over excited to discover a site that takes the experience to a whole new level. Heritage Stationery is exactly what we love about the tiny little Venetian paper shops of their hey day; rich warm colours, thick embosses card, elegant designs and invitations to die for. What’s not to love?
An incredible range of top quality stationery; whether that’s children’s stationery, thank you cards, bespoke tissue lined envelopes – you name it, it's produced at the highest quality and a reasonable price point.
Are many and varied, because the site goes way beyond the call of duty by offering two free proofs (which they'll send you after you've viewed and approved your design online). Everything on the site is bespoke, but Heritage Stationery also offer templates of their most popular designs, ready to alter and amend any way you like.


It all started with birth announcement cards 21 years ago; founder Zoe Joseph couldn't find anyone that would make her a bespoke card after her first childbirth. Zoe started making hand ribboned cards and soon bought her own letterpress to increase the speed of delivery - which is why she's able to give handmade, personalised cards next day delivery. 


The laser cut wedding stationery. Elegant, modern, original - and surprisingly timeless. Then there's the oh so brilliant idea of the surprise party invitations - who wouldn't love to receive one of these beauties in the mail?


Heritage Stationery gives you free hands to design luxury, personalised cards for an endless amount of occasions - but should you so desire it, they're more than happy to help you by giving their expert advice on wording and design. Simply put - it's chic, it's luxe, and it's you.

June 2013.