The Good Beach Guide

The very best beaches in the world from experts, The Beach Tomato.
Imagine sunning yourself on one of the most remote places on the planet.
Marvel at the magnificence of Mother Nature with your very own thermal spring jacuzzi.
Soft white sands, coco de mer palm trees and turquoise waters.
Renowned for its amazing seafood, relaxed surf-town atmosphere and hippy vibe.
A nature lover's dream - home to pink flamingos to herons and Galapagos penguins, to ghostcrabs.
The beach on the White Isle’s pretty east coast is the place to recover from the night before.
Wetsuit required, but with such majestic scenery you’ll be warmed from the inside out.
Discover a relatively untrodden, beautiful paradise – nestled right next to the National Park’s gorgeous sand dunes.
Home to water so clear it appears to merge with the sky above the horizon.
This 17 mile long beach is lined by swaying palms and neck-craning craggy mountains.
This is where clued-up Hong Kongers hang out, basking on these year-round sunny stretches.
Famed for its stunning views over to Dos Hermanos.
Famed for its white sands and crystal clear waters.
Quite simply, dreaming of sunnier shores.
It's impossible to pick one beach in Abel Tasman, so why not pick the whole national park?
Enjoy world-class snorkelling, sunshine and bright blue warm waters.
Where sun downers on the pink sands are de rigueur.
Sparkling turquoise waters and sand so soft you’ll wonder why you ever demanded 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton.
Stunning views, awe-inspiring Scottish sunsets and the smoothest sand, offset by a rugged backdrop of wild heather and rocks.
Close to Malta’s popular Golden Bay beach, this practically undiscovered beach is strictly hush hush amongst the Maltese locals.
Famed for its warm water lapping at the shore, this beach appeals to local dolphins.
Giant red lava cliffs drop into unbelievably crystal clear waters.
One of the hottest spots in the Indian Ocean.
A beach with 'magical powers' but Beach Tomato suggests you join them and just soak up the sun.
A mecca for local surf guys and girls, boasting the East Coast’s most consistent waves.
Sheltered, tranquil and comes with a white sand beach ideal for a spot for swimming.
Home to a large population of butterflies, making it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Crystal clear water that invites you to walk out to coral reefs.
Longboarding waves that could rival that of surf Mecca, Newquay.
Gentle currents ripple clear blue waters which are teeming with tropical fish and sea turtles.
In the middle of the Indian Ocean, this is a far off land with buttery sands and black volcanic rock punctuating the landscape.
Dip your toes in the transparent blue waters to unwind for a few days under the gorgeous Balearic sun.
Muted rust-coloured cliffs with pebbled sand coves that bleed into crashing waves, what more could you ask for?
Your oasis in the desert for the day with its sulphur pools, beachside spa and Dead Sea mud.
Picnic on these soft sands in utter seclusion – Bermudian beach perfection.
If you're after rural and rustic, it doesn't get much better than this.
Christopher Columbus (who set foot upon this gorgeous isle back in the 1500s) described it as the most beautiful place in the world.
This beach melts away your thoughts with visitors that include the likes of Hilary Swank to Bob Dylan.
Blending fascinating ancient culture with picture-perfect volcanic vistas.
Twelve kilometres of palm-fringed, white-powdery, deserted private beaches. This just could be paradise.
This UNESCO world heritage site is as dramatic a shoreline as it gets.
An exclusive stretch of coastline that houses some of the world's most affluent globetrotters and sunseekers.
A favourite Caribbean island with lots to offer holidaymakers.
An island the Italians and elusive A-list keep quiet about.
The birthplace of posterior appreciation, this crescent-shaped beach turns into a catwalk every day.
San Fran's Baker Beach is overshadowed by spectacular views of the Golden Gate.
A beautiful, red-hued, authentic Aussie rite of passage.
Dreaming of tropical turquoise waters and fine sandy beaches.
Brilliant white sand to bask on, incredible snorkelling to seal the deal.
A little floating paradise and just two hours north of Nha Trang, Vietnam.
Strewn with volcanic rocks, this beach is both rugged and relaxing, with gentle waves.
Pristine and unspoilt sandy beaches and a scuba diver's paradise.