Forum of Private Business

Membership provides access to information and advice, as well as money saving products.

The Forum of Private Business was set up in 1977 to fight for a fair deal for small businesses. Representing 25000 UK based private businesses, the Forum provides support on all aspects of running a small business from European legislation to green issues and reducing waste. Their mission statement is a commitment to influencing the laws and policies that affect private business and to supporting businesses to grow profitably.

Membership starts at £150 per annum and with a number of products aimed at saving money, members can soon recoup that money back. Members have access to a range of services including a helpline, legal expenses insurance and practical business guides, where members can download a number of employment templates. Non members benefit from a certain amount of free to air material and the opportunity to buy guides.

Information is gleaned through referendum and surveys of members, the results of which the FPB uses to lobby various influential bodies, some details of which can be accessed online. The Forum also runs petitions which non members are able to sign.