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Each week, the editorial team chooses a newsletter that is worth signing up for.
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Ping! What’s the first email Sarah Jessica Parker sees each morning? Read on to find out more.
What’s going on in the markets? Subscribe to Money Morning for a quick fix.
Your weekly dose of hot gossip... chosen because sometimes life shouldn’t be so serious.
Give your New Year's Resolutions a chance with Bembu’s health newsletter.
Kirstie Allsopp likes Boomf for silly personalised fun. Marshmallow madness.
For retro chic without a hefty price tag, dash to dotcomgiftshop.
Keep the myth of Father Christmas alive with personalised video messages from Santa.
Hungry for pizza? Sign up to tastecard, the discounted dining out membership platform.
Subscribe to Wear & Where’s newsletter for style and family bulletins. Your inbox will thank you.
Stay on top of the tech world with Azeem Azhar’s weekly newsletter, The Exponential View.
Got kids? Got style? Then you’ll know about Babyccino Kids’ newsletter.
Wake up somewhere new after signing up to the Airbnb newsletter.
Discover why this newsletter has a loyal following. A daily fix we can’t do without.
If you only subscribe to one arty newsletter, let Artnet be the one. We tell you why...
Party season is looming and this newsletter will inspire you to order cards and invitations early.
Be the first to get the news and deals from the designer discount website.
Written by Georgie Soskin and Jo Saunders, a chef and nutritional therapist, this newsletter focuses on supercharged topics.
The personalised newsletter that will learn from your browsing and interaction with the BBC's site.
Entertaining articles covering topics from people and politics to film, fashion and food.
This weekly mailer gives you recipes and ideas from the latest cookbooks.
Details of upcoming exhibitions, meet the maker articles as well as invitations to private views.
If you're into healthy eating, this monthly missive will keep you inspired with new recipes, recommended reading...
Sign up to Pedlars' newsletter for updates on vintage finds, quirky gifts and a taste of the Gladstones' lifestyle.
From your inbox to a fully arranged luxury getaway in seconds.
Maria Popova's one-woman quest to plumb the depths of the human creative psyche.
We recommend the weekly roundup from the global video channel screening the best in culture.
Project Dirt relies on people power, so share this newsletter with your friends and spread the good word.
In line with our Best Sites, this week we rate Shoot, perhaps the best read for the green-fingered.
Smashing Magazine's mailer is sent out every second Tuesday and is full of useful tips and valuable resources for designers and developers.
Moz wants to make the web a better place and if you want to too, this is the place to start.
Just in time for the weekend, we rate 'A-List': a newsletter featuring the latest in fashion, beauty & lifestyle - Courtesy of Vanity Fair.
Globalista reports, written by passionate travellers like yourselves, help you find exactly what you need to make the most of your trip.
Entirely dedicated to sleep and ways to improve it.
The newsletter with a decidedly lifestyle slant exploring the issues of the moment whilst also casting its beady eye on current events.
We rate Pass on a Poem: your weekly source of free poetry.
With interesting bylines, you're likely to open these mailers on a very regular basis.
Free of overly complex finance jargon, the advice as imparted by Dan Denning is first rate.
A treasure trove of mind altering ideas and consciousness bending delights.
The publication for the curious at heart, full of top level insight on the ever changing tech world and its attendant philosophies.
McQueens is a tribute to floral elegance the world over, filled with ideas for home decorating.
A really rather useful newsletter about beauty, wellness and professional aspirations.
If you're seeking clarity, Mathias Jakobsen's handwritten mailers are a welcome arrival in your inbox.
An overview of British politics covering all the angles, portraying the news as if it were your briefing for the morning meeting.
The latest and greatest tech stories aggregated at lightning speed.
The perfect accompaniment to your morning Matcha Latte.
Inspiring memes, reminding you what to do, how to do it and how to remain inspired on the yellow brick road of life.
Daily bulletin providing an insightful round-up of all the latest developments in world markets.
We rate My Beauty Matches, a beautifully crafted ode to cosmetics full of high end, high performing products.
We rate Slow Food, the global organization founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions.
We rate Social Fresh, the newsletter that provides you with an easily consumable list of tips and tricks for you to learn from each week.
This week we rate DLD, the global network on innovation, digitization, science and culture.
Fraudsters want to share a very important document with you - will you open it?
There are all manner of events going on this week in the capital, but for the art lovers amongst you it’s Frieze time.
A regular and comprehensive oeuvre, full of fascinating trivia on some of the most famous books of our time.
From the seasoned experts in everything that involves running a business.
We’re all aflutter about the Observer’s Newsletters, there’s quite the range to choose from but it’s Shortlist we’re here to shout about.
We rate The Cool Hunter, a newsletter for all your hipster globetrotters who like to nose out the quirky amongst the commonplace.
Simply Measured is a newsletter that will keep you up to date on all the latest developments within the world of Social Media.
This newsletter is packed with seriously topical facts on pertinent health issues and the remedies that can save you a trip to the doctor.
A fascinating insight into the lives of the most influential historical figures of all time.
In-depth round up of design news, great sales and offers, and diary of essential events.
From online security to sanity saving tech solutions for busy mothers, via free online workouts.
This week we rate 5IT by Alexis Madrigal, one of the most interesting newsletters to land in your inbox.
This elegantly curated newsletter it's an ode to the style and ethos of the magazine.
This newsletter is the perfect comprehensive round up of the latest from the arts world.
We rate Crowdcube, your weekly round-up of investment opportunities delivered directly to your inbox.
This week we rate Business O Féminin, the International Women's Business Magazine.
Launched in 2008 out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen, goop's weekly e-mail newsletter gives tons of suggestions about where to shop, eat, and stay.
Insider tips on ways to save you pounds than can add up to well, hundreds.
A really handy weekly insight into the important issues of the day for the business owner.
The newsletter that brings you the best pick of what's hot across the world.
Now that it's Easter you'll have time to really take advantage which is where the Medium newsletter comes in.
There’s nothing we like better here at the GWG than an arts related newsletter. And Art Rabbit shows exactly how it should be done.
This impressive newsletter kicks off with a weekly 'love letter' to a highly esteemed location, then continues with news on art and events.
A superior newsletter offering unrivalled access to the inner workings of the industry.
You're in good company if you sign up to this mailer. There are 1.9 million of us who do.
All about coveting the wardrobes of the sartorial elite.
Culture, and lots of it, is the mission statement with this weekly mailer.
A newsletter that covers all eventualities for the inspired (or not so inspired) chef.
A well curated feed of current events with clever access points.
Top editorial from a plethora of talented fashion folk.
You may have heard of it, you may not have but Upworthy certainly deserves a mention for its newsworthy fodder.
A weekly shot of entrepreneurial ideas that galvanises and inspires.
Go on, dig out your inner Kirstie Allsopp and make it a crafty Christmas with inspiration from this regular newsletter.
This week it's one for the boys, we're rather impressed with the offering from Inside Hook.
This week we rate The World Weekly, the slick aggregator that brings you the latest news while offering original analysis and insights.
This week we rate cookery themed newsletter Leite's Culinaria; tips and tricks direct to your inbox.
This week we rate Rockett St George; class and culture direct to your inbox.
This week we look at AnOther Magazine, a newsletter we rate very highly.
A newsletter that is worth signing up for.