Best Apps

This includes a new spot, App of the Week and also regular round-ups of the best apps based around a theme.
New app by hypnotherapist, Max Kirsten, who helped Adele and Ewan McGregor quit smoking.
Blinded by beauty? Sick of shallow dating apps? Cupid got plans for you?
The doctor can see you now. On his webcam via popular app Push Doctor.
Handy apps to help your children learn about money, how to spend and save responsibly.
This app has been downloaded 90 million times but criticism is rife.
Feeling uneasy? Take a look at these apps that can help alleviate anxiety.
Does technology make you feel frantic? Feel distant to family and friends? You may well need to disconnect to reconnect and here's how.
Where is Santa right now? The iconic NORAD Santa Tracker App is for the little and large.
Mobile Christmas shopping sorted with the Thoughtful Gift Finder app from Not On The High Street.
Apps to help you get home from the party.
Anant Sharma, CEO of Matter of Form, experience design and e-commerce agency, tells us how he stays in control online.
The restaurant app you never knew you wanted.
What will your phone discover? Explore new places with Field Trip, as chosen by globetrotter, Julia Perowne.
Addicted to Modsy? It’s a new 3D rendering home design app.
Put down your pencil and go digital. We ask top artists to review the top digital drawing apps.
Pl@ntNet recognises plants, flowers or bark with one click on your smartphone.
Whether you want to find your phone, keep track of your children or find love, there is a location sharing app for you.
Get up to speed on that Downward Dog in private if you’re nervous of signing up to a class full of bendy people.
Have fun with colour and turn your inspiration into workable colour palettes.
A useful app for managing and curbing your digital diet.
From from Giotto to Banksy, this app is a cultural gem and completely free.
Get the latest updates on Team GB medals where #EverythingCounts.
Save the best of the web for later, articles and videos to enjoy at your leisure.
Under-cooked meat is a thing of the past with this Bluetooth smartphone cooking thermometer and app.
Don't leave home without this app on your phone; send your photos as postcards or greetings cards to virtually anywhere in the world.
'Train smart, improve fast' - the tennis app to help up your game.
A great app for printing out your favourite Instagram pics.
The world's leading online restaurant reservations service has redesigned its IOS app, connecting diners with great dinners at the click of a finger.
The go-to music system for discerning households, placing control directly into your hands via computer, tablet or smartphone.
Dubbed the 'social network' for athletes, this app tracks your runs and rides with GPS and compares them with your friends.
Reclaim your time with this app that tracks how you use your smartphone and tablet each day.
Millions of fans use the Songkick app to discover gigs by their favourite artists and more.
Never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep. These apps can help make insomnia a distant memory.
An app with an almost magical ability that helps us levitate to another sphere of consciousness.
This is the jittering, flickering technology lighting up the feeds of the most noteworthy celebrities.
We rate Planets, the app that allows the amateur astrologer every tool at his finger tip to learn about the planets above and beyond.
Find last minute deals on hotel rooms with this handy app, choosing from basic, hip and luxe.
The foreign exchange app that's been downloaded a gargantuan forty million times.
Automatically records any walking, cycling, and running you do and the route you've taken.
The app tracks your movement, lets you log food and sleep, then shows you how to become your better self.
The Hunt is a new app that helps you find the clothes of your dreams.
The app that helps you meet business professionals nearby.
The app that flips the dating paradigm on its head by making women approach men.
Wallpapers for every mood, consider this app a walk in wardrobe for your smartphone.
The mobile payment system that is making the traditional card reader all but obsolete.
All-time favourites, as chosen by The Good Web Guide team and its guest editors in 2015.
We rate Sup: the perfect answer for socialisers around the globe.
As the big ‘C’ day approaches, the festive season is fraught with many stress-inducing situations - here's when these apps come to the rescue.
No need for spare change – the new BuSK app lets public make cashless donations and connect with street performers.
The name has been circling in fashion Venn diagrams for quite a while - here we rate the go-to app for second hand fashion.
Right now knowing who’s calling you and keeping a spam filter on your mobile is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity.
We rate StumbleUpon, the app that allows you to discover the web like never before.
The Haunting of Bagger Bones follows the story of mischievous skeleton, Bagger Bones, who loves to haunt children.
We rate Instapload, the app to manage multiple Instagram accounts. It's not perfect, but it's a step forward.
After the success of Twit or Miss, Roald Dahl’s most disgusting and hilarious characters are set to feature in their second app.
The app enhances the experience with interactive content that is then revealed throughout the visit of the Chanel exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.
An app that guides you through goals, performance and what you most want to achieve in terms of improving your personal best.
Co-founded by Alexa Chung, this fashion shopping app will bring out the determined hipster in you.
Where new dating app Hinge excels is in taking advantage of the three degrees of separation.
Scribd gives you access to a vast library of books for a subscription fee per month.
This week we rate PDF Splitter and PDF Editor, two apps that will help you get the most out of your PDF documents.
Managing group expenses has never been easier thanks to Cost Splitter, the app that takes the hassle out of calculating group payments.
Tired of Apple Music and Spotify's duopoly? Try tape express, the alternative way to stream your non-mainstream favourite music.
We rate some apps that will seriously help you out improving you SEO strategy and driving more traffic to your website.
In Twit or Miss, two of Roald Dahl's most disgustingly memorable characters have made the journey from book shop to app store for the very first time.
Craves is a brand new free app for iOS that helps you discover and own the clothes you love by uploading photos.
Bringing a Tinder like simplicity to the process of online shoe shopping.
Bringing you stories appearing in real time globally.
The apps that can help you out of a decidedly tight spot, when it comes to legal documents.
Moments is the new Facebook app that allows you to share images only with those who were involved in that moment with you and keep them private.
The Holy Bridal is a brand new wedding app that helps couples plan their big day.
Feel like it's time to learn a new language but you don't have much time? Here Duolingo comes to the rescue.
We rate the Eurovision app, featuring a comprehensive list of entrants, all the songs and even selfie layers.
Instagram's newest app lets you create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends.
Will you ever trust someone to be themselves again? Only Crystal Knows.
MyIdol is the Chinese app everyone is obsessed with. We take a look at the best avatars out there.
The app that transforms your iPhone, iPad and iPod into portable logo creators.
The app that will ease you into a state of serenity.
Where anonymity is the buzzword.
This week we rate Bitmoji, the app that allows you to create your own emojis starring yourself.
IWriter is the quintessential writing machine for iOS, Mac, and Android. A really superior app for anyone out there who’s a writer.
Taking the concept one step further with these really rather useful apps.
A photography app that's well worth its weight in gold.
Helping you find the people you've crossed paths with, the dating app that's on everyone's lips.
It's all about facilitating the instantaneous sourcing of the outfit you're slathering over.
Instasize helps you differentiate your feed from the million of others out there.
A superior site full of step by step recipes with accompanying app.
Full to the brim with handy features such as updates from projects and friends.
Click for Clicquot lets you instantly gift Champagne in London's top restaurants and bars.
Apps that will make your life a lot easier when dealing with make up, skin treatments and general beauty advice... 
For those of you on the hunt for true love or pure fun, a list created specially for the ladies.
All-time favourite apps, as chosen by The GWG team and our guest editors in 2014.
Headcaster is the brand new app that allows you to voice your messages through characters.
Tile is an app paired with a small device that can be attached to the items you care not to lose, such as wallet or keys.
This week we look at SpinMe, the ultimate solution for those who just can’t wake up on time.
This week we pick Wakie, the alarm clock reinvented.
This week we rate Flipagram, the new photo app that's got us hooked.
Downton Abbey, the app. It's exceedingly elegant...
The Instagram obsession carries on apace, but what is there to differentiate the average Insta-user from the pro is the quality of the pictures.
The literary journal of our times has gone and got themselves an app.
The apps to help you source the outfits you've seen when out and about.
The first app launched by Swedish e-commerce platform Tictail.
The app that will help your children save money, and keep them entertained...
Instagram for children; social media with safety at the forefront...
We rate some rather useful apps hell bent on protecting our privacy.
Sobrr is a new app that deletes everything you post in 24 hours, making you feel like there’s no tomorrow.
We rate some really rather useful apps that will make planning a vacation a lot easier.
This week we rate the latest dating apps on the market. Because everybody needs somebody... Especially during Summer.
The Good Web Guide's selection for this week.
Selfies, sounds, the location centric - this week we take a look at the apps that make sharing and communicating a touch more fun.
Would you be able to imagine your phone without a camera? This week it's all about the images.
Everyday there’s a new nugget of software hitting a flourishing market - these are the latest apps we rate.
If you're a certified tennis fan, Wimbledon will be the highlight of your year. These are the apps to keep you up to date.
The best apps to keep you up to date when it comes to tight schedules and runway trends.
No suprises to find that Scandi talent extends to the app market. Here are some of our favourites.
Offering a whole new way of engaging with social media.
One for living it up in the city and the other, for downtime and the best night's sleep.
This week two apps have caught our attention, the topical and the location centric.
'Share with your friends secretly' is the ethos with this app.
The global opinion network, the app with extensive knowledge of all that's trending.
Chock full of content, with plenty to ease the morning commute.
Under scrutiny this week, Uber - the Soho House of cab apps and UberFacts - we say it's Tinder for facts, without the disappointing small talk.
The perfect app for the time-poor gift giver. What's not to like?
Helping runners raise funds and keep up the momentum for this annual women-only event at 300 locations across the UK.
Collate recipes according to how you want to save them, with your own personal index categories.
The anti social app, helping you avoid people. 'Incognito mode for real life.'
A new app that promises to revolutionise your reading experience.
We look at Bownty for the best deals from discount sites and Mills & Boon for some high romance.
A selection of apps that can make a very real difference to sufferers.
Having trouble sleeping? Turn to these apps for help...
For all things winter sports, these apps will not let you down.
It's easy to get lost in the app sea; which ones are actually worthy of your time? We help you settle the score.
New year, new camera apps! Here are our first three favourites of 2014. (And guess what? They're all free!)
The apps that can help you take control of your finances.
The fitness apps that can help whip you into shape.
Some uplifting app related activities will see you hit 2014 running.
As chosen by guest editors and the GWG team.
Challenge your friends to a quiz battle or compete with random users with QuizUp.
Don't know what to get your father-in-law this Christmas? Let GiftGen find the perfect present for you.
Our top five favourite festive apps for games and singalongs.
Drop all your favourite songs - be they sound files or music videos - into one place.
Our top three art apps for the iPad coming right up...
Our top five photo apps are picture-perfect (excuse the pun)...
Fixr, the app that will change your Friday nights forever...
Waiting for a plane or train, then try one of these board games on your smartphone.
In honour of Chocolate Week, we dish out our favourite food apps...
Frontback is the newest addition to your collection of addictive camera apps...
Enhance your social media presence with these useful apps...
Our best networking apps coming right up...
Our top four favourite literary apps coming right up!
Lift is the app that helps you build better habits and achieve your goals...
Pick up the little gems of factoids that these knowledge apps are bursting with...
Want to become more environmentally aware, but don't know where to start? These apps will nudge you in the right direction.
The Walk It app provides a greener option to traditional journey planners.
It's the to-do list reinvented - it's Remember the Milk.
GlobalWebIndex's infographic, The App World, lists the most popular apps in the world.
Historypin is the app that allows you to view history in a completely new way.
Here's our top five best art apps - enjoy!
This week we highlight the apps of some of our favourite museums...
The LiveTunes app turns any song into a simulated concert experience.
For a music app with a difference - we give you Bloom.
The seriously weighty travel app, Oyster Insider, gives you an insight into what hotels really look like.
The New York Times named it 'a cheeky, well-written series of guidebooks' - so does In Your Pocket live up to the hype? We've tested it...
Evernote's new offering, the Evernote Food app is here - but is it as useful as its big sister? We dish out the verdict...
The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers an app with an environmental conscience; it's the Seafood Watch.
The 3D Classic Literature App merges the accessibility of an ebook with the 3D feel of a real book.
The app that provides news about all the private islands around the world - a.k.a. the perfect app for s/he who has everything...
Probably the most luxurious app we've ever reviewed - give it up for Amble by Louis Vuitton.
We give you TuneIn Radio app, as recommended to us by none other than Scott Pack.
In search for the best fashion app around? Well, consider your quest over - the app is here.
Improve your tennis skills with this natty little app.
Tennis fever is catching in the capital - hence why The Tennis App couldn't be more apt than right now.
Keep track of your favourite blogs with the help of the new Bloglovin app.
Create and share looping video footage with this truly amazing little app.
The transit app entirely dedicated to helping you get around Europe's major cities.
It's never been easier to print digital photos - Flicpost uncomplicates it for us.
Make your holiday snaps stand out with this nifty little app.
This multiple award-winning app lets you record, store and remember your travels in a completely novel way - put your hands together for Trip Journal.
This app isn't going down in history books - but it is hilarious. Who wouldn't want their mug superimposed onto their cat's face? Brilliant.
Endomondo is the end to boring workouts - as it allows you to track any outdoor activity and interact with your friends over workouts too.
The iPad app for the fashion hungry; it's The Collection App in conjunction with The NY Times.
The only serious contender to Spotify - and it's free... Give it up for the SoundCloud app.
A bunch of annoying ants are trying to eat your cookie - squash them before they reach it!
Your best friend on a vacation abroad - the ByPost app, which lets you take a picture on your phone and turns it into a postcard.
Get the latest tech lowdown with this informative little app; put your hands up for Tech News Tube.
Finding the nearest, reasonably priced car park really isn't easy - so let The Car Park Finder do all the hard work for you...
Experience a theatrical revolution in the palm of your hand - it's theatrical streaming. Give it up for the Digital Theatre app.
The brilliance of TED talks - now available in app format.
Take Photoshop with you wherever you go - it's finally available for smartphones...
Feast your eyes on free note taking app - and Google's contender to Evernote - it's Google Keep...
Brighten your text messages with the extensive gallery of emoticons that is the Emoji app.
Stuck for a place to take your partner, dad, or best friend? If you want to impress then let YPlan sort you out...
The Space Invaders for the new generation - it's Retro Defence...
Never get lost again with the aid of the OS MapFinder app...
Turn your sleep into art with this lovely little app.
A helping hand whilst studying - we give you Autology: the Homework Tutor.
Pictionary with a difference - give it up for the lastest GWG office addiction, the Draw Something app...
Get help learning driving theory with this nifty little app.
Keep your holiday planning organised with the help of brilliant app TripIt.
When life hands you lemons... you make a successful business out of selling lemonade! Say hello to our newest addiction; Lemonade Tycoon...
The app dedicated to collating your most precious moments.
The novelty app that makes editing your photos fun, funky and wonderfully weird.
Recovering from an eating disorder can be emotionally stressful. The Recovery Record app helps you on your way to healthy eating.
Don't miss a single beep about the Academy Awards this year - get the official app and stay updated on everything Oscars...
Meet Swampy, the alligator who just wants to stay clean... this addictive game has been voted Game of the Year all over the globe - here's why!
Who's the caliph of the word-hoard? Challenge your friends (or randoms) with addictive vocabulary app Wordfeud...
The perfect app leading up to Valentine's Day is here; cue the Tiffany & Co.'s Engagement Ring Finder App...
Gotcha lets you know if anyone has been peeking at your device - and if it's stolen, it'll take and send you a picture of the perpetrator.
Need help in the search for Mr Right? Then witty Mr Write is the, well, right app for you (oh yes we did)...
An app tailored to the specific needs of the news addict - you'll be the very first to hear about it with the Reuters app.
In a rut? Get unstuck! This natty app is brimming with motivation to get you up and keep you going.
Discover your darkest thoughts with Sleep Talk - the app that records everything you say in your sleep...
The app of choice for the avid Tweeter - give it up for sleek, smart, sexy Tweetbot!
Enjoy Theo Randall's recipes for Italian dishes on this natty app from San Pellegrino, the natural sparkling mineral water.
This is meditation for modern life in bite size ten minute chunks, teaching you how to unwind.
Visit your fave retailers and get rewarded for it - in cash back! Quidco shows you how...
Get room planning and wardrobe designing between Christmas dinner and Christmas cake with two genius little apps...
Heading to the slopes? Get your snow reports from Ski Club...
Travel back in time (well, photographically at least!) with fun app OldBooth.
Send texts with great visual backgrounds with this little app TwistPics...
Find files ridiculously fast with this app that does all the searching for you - quicker than you can say "Found it!"
Escape reality with Modern Toss creation Sneezeman - a game app you'll get seriously addicted to...
Resize your images in the blink of an eye with our new favourite photo app...
This week the most loved plaything from our youth is brought back to life in the shape of the Magic 8 Ball app...
Bring out the master chef in you with this groundbreaking food app...
Prepare to get seriously into poetry with this inspiring little app...
Delve into the heart of London with this intensely extensive little app...
Pretend you're really on the Alps with this amazing HD skiing game...
The app the imports the data from your business cards and syncs them with your LinkedIn contacts...
You don't have to be a local to have the knowledge of one...
Social networking plus GPS means you'll never get lost again...
Create the loudspeaker of your dreams by connecting all your devices at once through handy app Seedio.
Work magic with your digital images with this frame-shattering app...
Add a little cat to your life; quite literally with this jovial little app...
Scare your friends with an eerie e-card this Halloween courtesy of Appygraph, the No.1 e-card app.
Music recognition of the highest degree; give it up for Shazam!
Instapaper. Is it an app? Is it a paper? Even better it's a hybrid!
A destination app for IPad owners and lovers of photography…
A genius app and even better a real time saver – no mean feat in the world of social networking…
ITranslate - your trusted guide the world over...
A glorious app that will revolutionise your listening habits...
Redecorating? Look no further than this brilliant app to locate exactly the right colour....
We've fallen head over heels for multilingual panda Little Pim, he'll teach your kids a word or two!
A brand new app to entertain the kids; Magic Belles is the sweetest thing this side of Christmas..
Miss the lost art of keeping a diary? Then Evernote is the app for you...
It's a veritable love affair; we pay homage to the wondrous time recording app Harvest...
Oh how we simply love Band of the Day; the best way to discover new music...
Helping you monitor your internet connection at home.
Translating speech into text at the click of a button.
An unmissable app of the week; get paid to browse - with the uber brilliant Roamler...
The ultimate plant care app; welcome to Koubachi...
An incredibly useful app that will help your kids remember their times tables over the long summer break - brilliant...
A piece of software that creates a fake number for your phone, temporarily transposing it to your handset.
The app that will revolutionise your email habits.
How much happier would we be if we spent just a few minutes each day focusing on the things we're grateful for? This app will show you how...
We came, we saw, we tried it... And yes it is worth £13.99 - that's our verdict on the brilliant Omnifocus...
With just days to go till the closing ceremony, this handy little app will tell you all you need to know about the greatest games on earth...
Interested in the weird and wonderful trivia of London's underworld? Then this is your app...
It's finally here! The sheer brilliance of the Time Out app comes to the IPad...
A fan of Picasso's favourite notebook; The Moleskine - then check out the app which takes the concept a step further...
Think you're getting away with those extra units per week? Think again with this incredible piece of software...
This app will guide you around some of the world’s most incredible constellations.
Forgotten where you've parked your car, this handy app will remind you.
The GWG just can't get enough of the utter hilarity induced by the brilliant IDAft 2...
The GWG falls head over heels for the sheer brilliance of the Around Me app...
We pay homage to the awesome music discovery system that is Aweditorium...
We came, we saw, we roadtested... Welcome to your personal and very private driver; the Uber service. Watch out Addisson Lee!
We crown ultra simple, ultra well designed, ultra helpful task manager Clear our App of the Week...
Oh how it makes us laugh! We crown the genius but rather silly Helium Booth our Novelty App of the Week...
Our app of the week simply has to be the glorious iPhone Tips from Pixel Mags, just see how much you can learn about your beloved Apple device...
A Novelty App worth its weight in gold... Discover the digital treasure hunt that is Geocaching...
The GWG crowns AutoDance our Novelty App of the Week... Trust us - it's hilarious!
The GWG crowns Spending Log our highly esteemed App of the week...
The GWG keeps you up to date with all the latest apps to help you through the Olympics...
The Good Web Guide pays homage to a seriously stunning photo app; Cinemagram we salute you...
The GWG crowns the incredible black cab app Hailo our app of the month...
The GWG reviews Dunhill's eponomously British lifestyle app...
Will this clever app unseat Hipstamatic from the top spot as the nation’s favourite photo app?
A genius piece of software for image recognition.
Increase productivity with this invaluable (and completely free) way to manage your to-do lists.
This is the way we're going to read magazines online, catch up with our social networks and share articles.
Cook up a stress-free Christmas with Jamie
Wake up refreshed with the app that analyses your sleep patterns and wakes you up in your lightest sleep.
Unlock the secrets of New York with the new 'Pegleg' adventure app.