Selftrade merged with Squaregain (formerly Comdirect) on 3 July 2006. Despite the branding, the dealing platform is overwhelmingly Squaregain. The Selftrade platform is also used by Smile Share Dealing (

Tradable securities include LSE, AIM & OFEX stocks; US and European IRS stocks (others by telephone); gilts and corporate bonds (by telephone); CFDs and spread betting (through City Index); warrants and covered warrants; unit trusts/oeics and ETFs.

Dealing costs are moderate. UK equities are dealt at a flat £12.50 both online and by telephone. The only subs are the single ISA/PEP account fee of £25 p.a.

Dealing is at real-time snapshot quotes (with price improver), at limit or at stop loss/buy (good for up to 90 days), with the full complement of tax shelters (ISA, PEP transfer and personal pension using your own SIPP administrator if desired).

Research tools include charting and analysts' consensus. Price and other alerts are relayed by e-mail and to your PDA and mobile phone. Navigation is particularly slick, via an array of research and trading icons adjacent to the company name.