Saga Share Direct

The Saga Trading Account is a version of the Barclays Stockbrokers Frequent Traders Account, together with self-select ISA and PEP accounts but no SIPP facility. You can deal in UK shares (LSE, AIM), European IRS stocks (online) and non-IRS stocks (by telephone); covered warrants and CFDs, and unit trusts/oeics through a funds supermarket.

Dealing is at best, at real-time snapshot price quotes (with a price improver) or at limit, stop loss and trailing stop loss (good for 30 days). The dealing tariff differs from that of Barclays at £11.50 for the first 6 deals p.q. and at £9.75 for more frequent quarterly dealing. Certificated shares can be dealt by telephone. The foreign dealing account (non-IRS) carries an account fee of £6.25 + VAT per quarter. ISAs and PEPs are administered at £12.50 + VAT per half-year per account.

Research and tools include charting and stock screening, as per Barclays.