Card types: Standard, gold, platinum and black; cashback, balance transfer & introductory rates, life of balance; donation, foreign usage, reward, store cards.

You can search by Best Buys or through the Search Wizard. Most Best Buy tables list six recommended products. Tables are not interactive and you have to click on the product name to go through to the provider's site for the fine print. You can apply online by clicking on the Apply button adjacent to each offering.

For the full search (over 300 cards), you are first invited to select the type of card (e.g. gold, platinum & standard) and then to filter the search by no annual fees, travel insurance, interest-free periods, cashback, loyalty schemes and purchase protection insurance. You can filter by more than one criterion. The search is further refined by your monthly spending and repayment habits and your income.

You can customise the results table by annual interest paid, cashback, annual saving, card issuer, standard APR and interest-free period on new purchases. There are some quirks in the system. For example, when sorting by interest-free period, results are displayed in what appears to be random order rather than by the term of the concession or other criterion. This entails scrolling through 17 web pages of offerings to find the best deal. Other customisations are equally baffling. Stick to the Best Buys.