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Arabel Lebrusan

A rare bird in the world of jewellery design, Leblas combines traditional techniques, modern design and sustainable practices in the creation of its beautifully made selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and specially commissioned pieces.

Winner of Coutts New Jeweller Award for 2009, Leblas was founded by Clare Winfield and award winning jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan in 2008. The core concept behind the brand is embedded in the belief that a business can be socially responsible and that ethical jewellery can still be contemporary and aesthetically beautiful.


Leblas offers a wide selection of sterling silver jewellery,  18 carat yellow gold jewellery and exceptional precious and diamond set jewellery. The Rosette collection is inspired by traditional filigree motifs, with fine detailed layers of white silver petals. Meanwhile the Lace Sphere uses the traditional decorative filigree motif. The Harlequin collection is a beautiful combination of semi precious stones. The Filigree links collection, entirely handmade, is inspired by the intricate forms of Eastern Spain's traditional art and is a highly prized addition to that jewellery box.


While it is interesting to look through each of the collections, if you are looking for something in particular, you are best searching via product, or indeed price, if you are on a budget. By clicking on a product and the two additional images beneath it, you can zoom in to get a better look at the astonishing detail present in so many of the fine designs.

Leblas also offers a bespoke service if you want to create something unique. There is also a cosy boutique on Sloane Street, London which is always worth a visit if you're passing by. Free worldwide shipping and a return services is offered for all online orders.

Don't forget to check out the limited edition range for the real top drawer, all out bling rings. If you are worried about making a wrong choice, which is difficult as it's all rather desirable, there are also gift vouchers.


Leblas uses 100% recycled gold and silver from carefully selected refineries, which is then transferred to its workshops in Spain where local artisans set to work, achieving a high level of perfected craftsmanship across the range. The company doesn't compromise quality for ethics, ensuring that only 18ct gold and sterling silver is used, diamonds are conflict free from Canada and semi-precious gems are all traceable.

Leblas aims to establish an apprenticeship scheme that will allow the transfer of jewellery-making skills to the next generation before they die out completely, and from this noble goal, we can all benefit.