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RED was two years in the making and now Bono and Bobby Shriver have got this charitable initiative well and truly off the ground to help fight AIDS in Africa. It is now your turn to make it happen.

Bono and Bobby Shriver's plan was to engage big business (iconic brands) in the plight of Africans by creating a brand (RED) that would create a sustainable flow of money to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. The concept is simple, buy something RED. You get a great product that is as good as the competition but you know that the proceeds will go to an AIDS programme in Africa.

American Express are giving their support when you take out a RED AmEx. GAP have the RED collection, starting with their iconic t-shirt which is made in Africa (in red and other colours). The wrap-around sunglasses, Bono's trademark, made by Emporio Armani and Converse baseball boots designed by Giles Deacon are also RED products.

Lend your support to this excellent cause by visiting the website. Work in progress is the video wall, a streaming video of people talking about (RED); some are world leaders, some are involved in the creation of products and some are just passionate about the cause, YOU.

And don't forget to buy something RED.

Buy something (RED) and proceeds will go to the Global Fund in the fight against AIDS in Africa.