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A well-endowed share dealing operation, catering to occasional and sophisticated investors alike. A rich menu of tradables covering Crest-settled UK (LSE, AIM and OFEX), US and European stocks; warrants and covered warrants; CFDs and spread betting; gilts and Exchange Traded Funds.

Dealing can be either quote-driven (Standard Account) or order-driven (Direct Access Account for intermediate investors). Standard Account dealing is conducted at real-time snapshot quotes or at limit, stop loss and stop limit (up to 89 days). Direct Access Account orders are in effect limit orders, delivered directly to the exchange order books and matched with other orders (i.e. buy to sell). A full complement of tax shelters is available (ISA, PEP and SIPP).

Stocks are dealt through the Standard Account at £9.90 per UK trade, at £14.50 per European trade and at £19.50 per US trade. Direct Access dealing is at £10.00 per order up to £10k consideration and at 0.1% per order over £10k, plus a £2.25 per fill transaction charge. There is a £5 quarterly account charge for the Standard, ISA and SIPP accounts. The PEP charge of £7.50 p.q. is waived if the PEP is held concurrently with an ISA account.

There is no research content and clients can only communicate by e-mail or post.