Two levels of service are on offer; Fastrade and Fastrade Premier. You can trade UK shares (LSE and AIM, and OFEX by limit order); IRS stocks (by limit order); warrants and unit trusts/oeics.

Dealing on Fastrade is at real-time snapshot quotes (with price improvement) or at limit (good for the day). Dealing on Fastrade Premier is at best (via live streaming prices) or at limit.

Fastrade dealing commission for UK and IRS stocks is £9.99 on considerations up to £1,500 and £14.99 for larger deals. Choose personal Crest membership or a nominee account at £2.50 p.a. and £5 p.a. respectively. Dealing commission on Fastrade Premier is £9.95 with a £19.95 p.q. account management fee.

PEP and ISA accounts are administered for 0.25% per half year + VAT (maximum £100 + VAT). A SIPP may be set up under the Premier service for £90 (indexed annually) with a quarterly management fee of £19.95 (waived if paid on another account), and a half yearly fee of 0.25% of the SIPP value (£25 to £200).

Fastrade research and tools include Power charting (Digitallook); Real-time market prices and indices, fundamentals, AFX News, Broker consensus (UK stocks), and smaller companies research. Fastrade Premier provides live streaming prices and news.