Barefoot Doctor

Barefoot Doctor - crazy name, crazy guy - but he's teetering on the brink of world domination, in a spiritual kinda way. You may know his books, you probably know his column in the Observer Life Magazine, and soon you probably won't be able to move without coming across him. His style is undoubtedly whacky, but he's the spiritual guru de nos jours and his latest book, Guide for Modern Lovers is certainly featuring in a bedroom near you (maybe yours, if you enter our competition). This is what he had to say to Meg Sanders.

How are you feeling today

Managable, thank you.

In your practice, (as acupuncturist and healer) is there one problem or complaint that you encounter more than any other - the scourge of today's society, if you will?

Stress from holding the breath and not accepting oneself.

If you could offer a single piece of advice that you feel would significantly improve most people's health and well-being, what would it be?

Breathe freely, relax all your muscles and remember you're going to die so stop being so serious - laugh more and be like a child (but a nice one).

Do you take any supplements regularly?

Do you have any dietary foibles you'd like to share with us?

I love sweet and sour chicken.

Do you exercise regularly and how?

I do daily t'ai chi and chi gung - taoist yoga - I also walk fast for an hour and do voice exercises.

What do you do to relax?

The above - and lie in bed with Daisy Jane (my woman).

What do you have planned for this year?

I'll be continuing on The Big Breakfast, and with my column in the Observer. I'm doing my own BBC series, and have another book High-Speed Spirituality coming out in October. I also have perfume and a range of personal care products coming out in 258 Boots stores in September, a spiritual workout video, a cd audio motivator, a t'ai chi video, a column in Marie Claire Health and Beauty, a healing drink, a chi-conductive footwear range, and I'll generally be healing the world - that kind of thing. Oh yes, and having a few enjoyable interludes in whatever free time is left.

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