Book Reviews

Garden history and horticulture
Cherry picking some of the finest gardens open to the public, as part of the National Gardens Scheme.
Carol Klein conveys just how simple and satisfying propagation can be.
Accessible and useful for designing gardens large or small.
An exceptionally clear, informative and easy to follow guide to organic gardening.
Recommended books that appeal to gardeners and eco warriors.
Looks at the symbolic structure of city gardens, as well as the physical and social spaces that they provided
Bound to set you thinking about gardens and garden design in completely new ways.
Tells you all you would wish to know about Gertude Jekyllís genius as a garden designer.
A useful and attractive addition to the gardener's bookshelf.
Improvise on his ideas and there are enough of them, to keep the keenest gardener going for several seasons.
A description of how Rosamund Wallinger revived and restored her original Gertrude Jekyll garden.
The reader visits gardens old and new and our appetites for them are whetted by Long's lucid descriptions.
For anyone who yearns for something new and daring, this is the book to buy.
This book could not come more highly recommended.
Learn more about the extraordinary history of the tulip and its many varieties.
A book to tempt the gardener into experimenting.
National Gardens Scheme offers the most comprehensive list of gardens open to the public.
The story of her highly succesful horticultural experiment.
An oasis of clear presentation, solid practical information and inspirational description.