Blog of the Month

GWG favourites
This blog is a brilliant resource for those of you who want to hear the word on the ground and what is being done to help.
Ballet Dad Blog it's all about the trials and tribulations of being a slightly over attached parent and it's really quite funny.
A fascinating offering, the common denominator being Africa by Martin Plaut, senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies.
Hello Giggles is an entertainment and lifestyle website that covers a wide range of topics specifically addressed to women.
Your Coffee Break is the professional woman's best friend, filled with inspiring content focused on career management, beauty, lifestyle and more.
Eat Like a Girl is a collection of recipes, food musings, and general inspiration courtesy of author Niamh Shields.
It's easy to see why we've fallen for Nat Geo's travel offering; high quality writing and beautiful photos form a blog to love and follow.
Design Director of furniture retail site Discover & Deliver, Lucy Freedman blogs on all things stylish and neat.
Izzyfied; the brainy blog of DJ, TV presenter and tech expert, Izzy Lawrence - we're in awe...
Let your green fingers turn your neighbours, well, green with envy - with the help of our blog of the month The Enduring Gardener.
One of the most read authors of our time, Paulo Coelho, is our blogger of the month.
This travel blog shows us just how much we’ve become rooted to the spot...
We love Steff Lever's 'How to' manual for those of us climbing from intern to professional...
With fashion week just around the corner we just had to pick the best of the streetstyle blogs for your delectation...
The Coveteur; a visionary website if ever there was one...
We crown Style and Then Some our highly esteemed Blog of the Month...
The GWG pays homage to a quite exceptional online presence; LVMH's Nowness...
With a decidedly British theme ahead of the Jubilee, The GWG reviews Le Cool London, a great culture and entertainment resource...
Gives a insight into the letters of famous writers, philosophers and actors.
A destination site for forward thinking culture and design magpies.
For the truly modern man, a site for all your grooming needs...
'Wisdom for women in just a few lines.'
Adventurer, Alastair Humphreys' blog is a lesson in motivation.
If Martin Lewis can't help prevent financial exploitation and mismanagement, then no-one can.
Discover hidden stories from one of London's most culturally and historically rich communities.
A humorous, informative blog with a serious underlying message about modern man's identity crisis.
The facts and fabrications of London are unpicked in this enriching combination of words and photographs.
Delicious recipes delivered with flourish and an unfailing acerbic wit.
A blog that prizes quality, style and quintessentially English life.
On the post-growth world.
Engaged and intelligent.
For the anarcho-capitalist libertarians among you.
On modern power and empire.
A secret shared ...
Honest, inspiring and intensely moving.
Informative, witty and intelligent.
The customer is always ...
Dispatches from the skeptical end of the blogosphere.
In Flanders blogging field, posts on economics blow.
Not letting the days go by ...
A light and pleasing alternative to mainstream coverage of the election.
Lights, camera, commentry.
A blog for those who cannot read blogs without standing on one leg while humming the opening bars of The Bangles' Manic Monday.
Passionate, insightful and opinionated.
Online resistance to the Cuban regime.
His life is better than yours. Fact.
Cambridge Classics professor on the ancient world and everything else.
For all your architectural needs.
Blogfather still influential.
The BBC blog on matters technological.
Advice for the next generation.
Big time political blog.
Inconsequential but oddly compelling.
Comic-activist takes on Italian politicians.
Political blog becomes cultural.
A blog to book success.
Master film critic at work.
Making blogging mainstream.