Startup Salon

We talk to new businesses and the challenges they face.
Solberg Audunsson, co-founder of Takumi, talks about the startup making social media work better for brands.
Co-founder, Dror Ginzberg, talks about Wochit, the fast and simple video creation solution publishers rely on.
Cas Paton, founder and CEO of, talks about the brand new, British online marketplace.
Susan Burton and Clare Wright of Classlist, winner of the GWG Awards Startup category, talk about the go-to site for parents of school children.
Sam Jarvis, co-founder of HubBox, talks about the convenience of matching online shopping and a network of collect points.
Iris Anson, founder of Solely Original, talks about the startup where you can design your own shoes online.
Juha Valvanne, founder of Nosto, talks about delivering eCommerce customers personalised shopping experiences across all devices.
Lee Murphy, MD and owner of The Accountancy Partnership and Pandle cloud accounting software, talks about the business.
Stephen Reilly of Grad DNA talks about the app created by grad recruiters and psychologists to match quality candidates of all backgrounds.
Doron Cohen, co-founder of Covercy, talks about eliminating the hidden costs facing SMEs who make international money transfers.
James O'Day gives an insight into the Pearlshare story, the site and app where you can create and share personal local guides.
Hayden Wood, co founder of Bulb, talks about the technology-led renewable energy supplier.
Florian Färber, co-founder of ZipJet, talks to us about the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning startup.
We catch up with Catherine Pinkney, co-founder of online payroll and workplace pension platform,
Rachel Verghis, founder of goo.ey, talks about the design-led phone cases that stick to glass and mirrors.
We catch up with Oli Johnson, co-founder of Catapult, the on-demand hiring platform.
We catch up with Dominic Wood, Co-founder and CEO of Bioepic Ltd., the fitness company set to launch this Summer.
Elena Shkarubo, founder of MeetnGreetMe, talks about the global platform for personal assistance for travellers from locals.
We talk to Maks of #tagvenue, the company building a search engine that helps customers discover and book the perfect space for their events.
We catch up with Marcos Mafia of MAFIABAGS, the company that creates designer bags handmade from upcycled kitesurf, windsurf and boat sails.
Bonnie Roupé, founder of Bonzun, talks to us about the award winning pregnancy health app.
Reiss Salustro-Pilson and Nigel Van Wassenhoven talk about their marketplace with a mission to reduce, reusable construction waste.
We catch up with Wendy Snowdon, founder of, a new online market that is all about glorious natural food.
Boris Pourreau, co-founder of Running Heroes, talks about getting people to run for their lives, exercise for their health and earn rewards.
Nelson Sivalingam talks about Wonderush, the subscription service where you can enjoy unlimited things to do in London every day for £29 a month.
Malcolm Lewis, founder of MoppedUp, talks about the new app bringing house cleaning into the 21st century.
Nina Chudasama, founder of premier tea brand, Hope & Glory, talks about the business.
We catch up with Rashid Ajami, co-founder of Campus Society, the "new facebook" for college students.
Grabble, the so-called "Tinder for fashion", is the app to discover daily hand-picked styles.
Sebastian Kuhnert talks about Little Traders, the app where you can trade on the Stock Exchange without using real money.
Co-founder, Panos Spyrakis, talks about the social location app.
Jon Douglas, Director of Business Development at Givergy, talks about raising money for charities.
The Tinder for food app revolutionising the way Londoners find restaurants.
We catch up with Alban Sayag, French entrepreneur and founder of WINGiT – the real-time travel & events app.
We catch up with the team behind SwiftGift, the world’s first Instant Gift Messenger, to find out more.
We catch up with Richard Walton of AVirtual, the platform providing virtual personal assistants.
We catch up with Chris Nkwonta, founder of VROOMO, the online used car business that just launched in the UK.
We catch up with JP Teti, founder of Liberty Cheesesteak, London's first and only producers of the authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.
We catch up with Natasha Pilbrow of LeSalon, the on-demand nail service that brings the polish of a professional salon to your home.
We catch up with Johan Lilja of Universal Avenue, the platform that the world’s top online brands use to grow at new markets worldwide.
We catch up with Maz Cohen and Urchana Moudgil, founders of Wisher, the social gifting platform.
We catch up with Rune Sovndahl, CEO of Fantastic Services, the one-stop shop for all your home needs.
We talk to Alex Price of 93digital, the digital agency specialising in WordPress.
We talk to Charlie Carpenter, CEO & co-founder of KITE, e-commerce platform specialising in personalised print.
Sheetal Sachdev talks about Treniq, the platform to discover the world’s finest furnishings and accessories to make your home truly unique.
Deepak Tailor, founder of and author of How to Live for Free, talks about his freebies website.
Julie-Anne Uggla talks about the mobile tour guide app which brings together specially curated walking tours in 28 cities around the world.
We catch up with Bastien Duclaux of Twenga, the advanced ecommerce platform.
We catch up with Richard Winhammar of 247HomeShopping, the cashback company that offers free real time deals and a price comparison tool.
We catch up with Andrew Michael, co-founder and CEO of, the platform to hire local professionals across a range of services.
We talk to Stuart McClure, founder at Love the Sales, the platform that collates sale items across fashion,beauty, electronics, and homeware.
We talk to Greg Zemor, co-Founder of Neteven, the leading European online marketplace management system.
We talk to Tony Jamous of Nexmo, the company that provides innovative cloud communication APIs.
We talk to Emma Campbell of What Emma Did, the popular fashion and lifestyle blog which launched into a 'blogtique'.
We talk to Lars Andersen of Arty Lobster, the company that creates 3D pet sculptures of your pet, from your photos.
We catch up with Rebecca Gregory, founder of Thinking Bob, the London-centric friendship site.
We catch up with Timo Schmidt, CEO and co-founder at Gousto, the platform that allows you to choose and cook scrumptious meals without any of the faff
Lucy Shrimpton talks about helping parents establish healthy sleeping patterns for their young children.
We catch up with Bora Celik, Co-Founder of Jukely, the app for music lovers and gigs addicted.
We catch up with Daneh Westropp, Creator and Founder of Pickle, the app that saves time and enhances life.
We catch up with Lisa Todd, founder of her eponymous label that offers unique homeware painted by hand in Windsor.
We catch up with Edmund Cohen, founder of Landed Houses, the website that lists historic UK houses to rent.
We catch up with Marie Carter, Editor and Publisher of Pets Magazine, the online magazine about pet owners’ lifestyles.
We talk to Jack Barmby, CEO of Felicitas Media, about Gnatta: the cross platform communication software for business.
We catch up with John Readman, co-founder of Ride25, the cycling holidays and tours company.
Ed Watts talks about Honest, the smartphone app, harnessing the power of collective intelligence.
Co-founder, Eva Calduch talks about the home exchange community for designers and visual artists.
We catch up with Torstein Sørlid and Adam Sidbury of DigitalFibre, the company that helps attracting the best candidates and retaining talents.
We catch up with Rachel Salway of Roseannah, the ethically sourced clothing company motivated by fair trade in the fashion industry.
We catch up with Jason Krogh of Sago Sago, the company that makes apps appealing to kids’ natural sense of wonder, creativity and curiosity.
A new edtech/community platform that is opening doors for students all over the world, regardless of their academic background.
Patrick Muir talks about EVEN Card, the first ever travel and cash back card without a single added on fee or charge.
We find out about the new British fashion brand producing high quality, on trend collections.
We catch up with Thomas Drewry, Co-founder and CEO of Emolument, the leading salary benchmarking site.
'The office version of Airbnb' - The Times. Co-founder, Roddy Campbell tells us more.
Nick Beeny, founder of MyInternationalShopping, talks about online shopping at websites in Europe, the US and Asia.
Richard Sah, President and Co-Founder of ZeroDesktop, tells us about the QualityTime app.
We catch up with Karl Rosander, Head of Business Development and Co-Founder of Acast, the Audio on Demand platform.
We catch up with William Stolerman, founder of open journalism platform, The News Hub.
We talk to Ryan, Dihan and Ingmaras, co-founders of Henchman, the app that delivers anything from any restaurant or store in London.
We talk to Will Lownsbrough, CEO of Shoptility, the brand new search engine for online shopping.
We talk to Ben Tyrrell of MoveHub, the platform that helps you make an informed decision about wherever you want to move to.
We talk to Salman Shaheen, Editor-in-Chief of The World Weekly, the slick aggregator that brings you the latest news while offering original analysis.
We catch up with Radha Vyas, co-founder of The Flash Pack, to find out more about the tour operator specialised in small group travels and holidays.
Spleat is an app for restaurants and bars that allows you to pay the bill and split it with your friends directly from your phone.
We catch up with Bostjan Bregar of The 4th Office, the platform that empowers teams to work together efficiently in one modern workspace.
We catch up with Rose Adkins of Screenhits, the online platform for the screening and selling of TV and film content.
We catch up with Coralie Verheyden of BARAK’7, the European brand that offers designer industrial style furniture.
We catch up with Naren Shaam of GoEuro, the travel engine which allows users to compare price and journey time of air, rail and bus all at once.
We catch up with Ronke Adeyemi of BrownBeauty, the online beauty platform aimed at Women of Colour.
We catch up with Lucy McDowell of Double Flip, the online shop specialised in reversible kids' clothes, toys and accessories.
We catch up with Ben Muzzell, Co-Founder at Looop, the cloud-based training platform.
We talk to Ekaterina Lengefeld of YourInterest, the platform that brings together like-minded people.
Yimby is a community crowdfunding platform from the team at JustGiving that allows anyone to raise money to make good things happen.
Cheryl MacDonald, founder and yoga elder, talks about her programme for training birth professionals.
Putting elegance into e-commerce and savoire faire into digital.
We catch up with Raoul Scherwitzl, CEO and co-founder at NaturalCycles, the app that uses statistics and analytics to prevent pregnancies.
We catch up with Patrik Arnesson, co-founder of Football Addicts, the team that develops apps for football lovers.
We catch up with Celso Pinto of SimpleTax, the website that make tax simpler and easier to understand.
We catch up with Kelly Marsden of Twile, the website that turns your photos into a timeline of your life.
We catch up with Andy Hatoum of Placebuzz, the property search engine.
We catch up with Ifty Ahmed of Pow Health, the website designed to give you more control over long-term health.
We catch up with Melinda Nicci of baby2body, the fitness and lifestyle website for pregnant women.
We catch up with Craig Palfrey, director at Increase Your Pension, the independent pension advice website.
Phil Smith, founding partner of MugPunter, tells us about the personal race tip generator.
We catch up with the founders of to talk about the online booking platform for professional home cleaners.
We talk to Louise Plunkett of stylish party supplies Candle and Cake.
We chat to Christian Wylonis, founder and CEO of, a site that helps you discover clothes personalised to your shape and size.
We talk to Erik Biroklund about great sailing holidays with great skippers and quality yachts.
We talk to Axel Katalan, UK Regional Manager of MyCheck, and find out about its mobile payment technology.
The founders of Much Better Adventures talk about their marketplace for skiing holidays.
We catch up with Pitch to Rich finalist, Lettija Lee of Peco Poncho and find out about her disposable rain ponchos.
We catch up with Leo Alsved, founder of The Ski Week, and find out about the week-long skiing holiday for young professionals.
We talk to George Spencer, CEO of Rentify, the transparent, professional and comprehensive online letting agency.
We talk to James Olden, CEO of TopTradr, the trading app that analyses trades from a risk/reward perspective.
We catch up with Richard Setterwall, founder of myDogBuddy, the largest online community for dog sitters and dog owners in the UK.
We talk to Alban de Belloy, founder of My Vitibox, subscription service for wannabe wine connoisseurs.
We catch up with Christina Richardson, chief do-er and co-founder of Brand Gathering, the online community where savvy brands collaborate.
Successful entrepreneur and dog lover, Lynne Morgan talks about her new venture, Woof-Box, the monthly subscription service for dogs.
LOVESPACE founder, Brett Akker tells us about his revolutionary approach to storage.
A unique adjustable height sit or stand desk, changing the way we work in offices and at home.
We chat to the founders of Root7, a distribution company that brings exciting new home-bar, kitchen and lifestyle products to market.
We catch up with the founders of the interactive online academy where you can learn about Forex trading.
Judy Robinson, the creator behind Paper Tango, tells us about her pop up card business.
Kelly Klein, founder of Student@Home, talks to us about her business.
Founder, Declan Cosgrove and Chief Digital Officer, Jason Cozens, tell us about DecPlay Piano.
Co-founder, Henry Villiers, tells us about WeStore - the self-storage service that does all the heavy lifting for you.
Tove Westlund, founder, gives us a peek behind the scenes of Lifesum, the best-loved fitness app in Scandinavia.
Want to aggregate all your social networks? Miappi does all the hard work for you...
The online auction technology that really delivers, we delve into the world of founder Phil Bird...
The startup that takes all the hassle out of driving... The inside scoop on Motoriety from founder Lucy Burnford...
Susanne Kollner and Ilona Wesle, founders of My Detox Diet, tell us about their healthy living brand.
Dave Bridgford of The Welly Shop gives us the lowdown on his company.
Founders Felipe Navio and Juan Urdiales tell us about jobandtalent.
GATE8 offer cabin-sized bags that comply with the restrictions of all major airlines.
Cheeky Chompers Director, Amy Livingstone, tells us about the innovative Neckerchew.
Gareth Howard, founder and CEO, tells us about LitFactor, the literary matchmaker online.
As American company Rocket Lawyer starts to take on the UK, we chat to Vice President Mark Edwards about the business.
We talk to The Good Care Guide, the platform where you can find, rate and review childcare and eldercare providers.
Challenging Nespresso, with a range of blends and single origin coffee capsules.
An interview with Henry James, founder of Rural Connect, WiFi Anywhere.
Lewis Ridley of TinMan London talks to us about the music discovery blog.
Patreon lets fans and patrons fund creatives online.
Jeff Smith tells us about Noroclear, the disinfectant that kills superbugs fast.
Mike Hampson, Managing Director, tells us about the peer-to-peer online currency exchange service, Midpoint.
What all startups really need? A good coffee house - it's where some of Scaramouche & Fandango's best ideas sprung to life.
Rupa Ganatra, Founder of BOE Magazine, talks about self-funding and streamlining a business concept.
The people at Tribesports share some handy tips for online start-ups.
TrueView offers a new, credible take of online dating. Co-founder Matt Verity gives us the details.
MyBarrister aims to make the expertise of Britain's barristers available to anyone who needs it. CEO Chris Bean tells us how.
Swedish VideofyMe aims to become 'Tumblr for instant videos' - we chat to the team to find out more.
The Startup Salon gets a visit from none other than the gang at Fiz - the new place discovery platform online.
We sit down with Benjamin Leyne, co-founder of YoupiJob...
Anand Pajpani tells us about Memfy, the site that helps you remember all the important points in your life.
Founder and Managing Director, Dr Clare Craig of Thanks Doctor, speaks to us about her online medical consultation service.
Andy Meikle of Sportlobster, the social sports network, visits the Startup Salon.
Bertie Stephens, founder and CEO of Flubit, tells us about his new online shopping site...
We talk to Katarina Pahlson about her exciting new fashion label.
The Beyond Tourism Co., the ethical travel company, visits the Startup Salon.
The easy way to rent pop-up retail space - we chat to Appear Here about their business.
Max Bogue, co-founder of WobbleWorks, tells the Startup Salon about the 3Doodler...
'Raising the crowd is as important as raising the money' - crowdraising company Buzzbnk visits the Startup Salon.
We catch up with Kate Castle, inventor of Bog In A Bag, the portable loo. As seen on Dragon's Den.
We catch up with Lily Vanilli and chat to her about her up-and-coming bakery.
We chat to Fiona Wood about her kids' skincare brand Natural Cool Kids.
This week the Startup Salon gets a visit from exciting new 'social betwork' - say hello to Bets of Mates!
We chat to Anouchka Bala and Natalie Brossard about their online marketplace Luxx Lab.
The Startup Salon sits down with Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of online business investing platform Seedrs...
This week we speak with Ali Meruani of restaurant menu site MenuSpring about the start up of the business.
This week the Startup Salon chats with artist and jewellery maker Caroline Pera about her business...
This week the Startup Salon sits down with Will Sorrell, creator of board game Perigon...
This week the Startup Salon swings its doors open to online radio site Shed Radio...
It's the birth of our new feature Startup Salon! This first week we chat to Ci-Co.