Best Fitness Blogs - One for the Girls

Yes gentlemen sadly you're going to have to wait (not too long though - just seven whole days), because this week we're focusing entirely on fitness blogs for females, and they're not just your average blogs either, they're all the proud owner of a quite serious USP. This year it's all about balance, covering all the bases on the fitness front and looking seriously stylish while we're doing it. And go!


We're huge fans of Margaret Schalter here at The GWG, why? Because she's a fitness fiend and a seriously dedicated blogger to boot. Whilst her oeuvre is decidedly US centric, there are a wealth of motivational green juice to be enjoyed once you start following her exploits across the fields of adventure racing, with the ultimate aim to help women the world over conquer their fears and grow their confidence. Now that's a mission statement.


A more recent discovery from Australia, this beautifully designed portal musing on all things ballet related is an enlightening opener to an elusive world. The brainchild of Lisa Howell, the blog is full to the brim with tips on technique, advice on injuries and there are even downloadable e books to boot.


Laura Agar Wilson, is the brains behind this elegant interface, but whilst you might be inspired by the design, at this site content is king. This Durham based blogger encourages women to accept themselves, whilst advocating balance, healthy eating and careful exercise. As a certified health coach, her advice is first rate.


OK, we're slightly blurring the boundaries by including this online magazine come shop come destination domain, but it certainly deserves it places in the list with its emphasis on healthy, beauty, fitness and travel. Want to look stylish on your way both in and out of the gym? Then this is the domain for you.


Now this might seem like an obvious choice, but recently we've found ourselves hooked on the plethora of insightful advice on the Women's Health Fitness blog. It's all there in abundance; the best accessories, weight loss tips, and how to maximise the impact of your exercise. A comprehensive blog that really delivers.


If you've eschewed the gym in favour of a tour round your local park then you'll want a buddy to commune with on all things running related, and lest we say it - this might be it. Blogger Laura Fountain has certainly put the leg work into creating a blog that will have you hooked on a seriously life affirming habit - her eponymous book is also a worthy addition to your January reading list.


The detrimental effects of sugar are nothing if not a hot topic right now, so we were pleasantly surprised to see blogger Catherine Storey documenting her plight to rid herself of the stuff. The blog offers much more than just musings on diet however; there's food (great recipes), and a serious side-line in some uber fashionable accessories. A great all rounder.


This 24 year old Londoner who goes by the name of Cantara, is our newest girl crush and for good reason, because she's clearly a dab hand at charming the blogosphere. Fashion led selfies abound (yes she's seriously stylish) but there are also tips on health (haven't heard of Chia seeds yet? Where have you been?), fitness and of course beauty brands that make us yearn for another pay rise.

January 2014